Innocent Killers

Innocent Killers
TITLE Innocent Killers
GENRE Thriller
STATUS Completed
YEAR 2015
DIRECTOR Gonzalo Bendala
SCREENPLAY J.M. Asensio, Gonzalo Bendala
PRODUCER Marta Velasco, Gonzalo Bendala
CAST Miguel Angel Sola, Maxi Iglesias, Aura Garrido


Javier Garralda has just failed his final Ethics exam. Gone are his chances of getting his Psychology degree, which for Javier right now, is nothing short of a disaster. Without his degree, he can’t start the new job he so desperately needs in order to pay off the debts he’s accumulated over the last four years of studying. The bank is threatening to evict him and his father and he has a menacing loan shark on his back, who is willing to use any means to get his money back.

He decides to appeal his grade and on meeting his professor, a man suffering from acute depression, he is offered an unexpected way out: the professor will change his grade and pay him a considerable sum of money in exchange for… his own murder. He finally has his get-out clause, but … what about Javier’s own ethics? Right and wrong is never black and white.